Crafty on the spot!

Lily's Kindergarten class is spending the week learning all about the holidays celebrated this time of year.  Us parents found a letter in our parent pockets on Monday spelling out the game plan for what traditions would be discussed when.  "What about Solstice?"
"Do you celebrate it?" Ms. M asked.
"Yep!" I replied.
"Excellent.  Want to come talk to the kids about it?"

There I go, shooting off my big mouth.

So today I spent the first two hours of Lily's class reading stories and crafting with a bunch of five-year-olds.  Best fun ever, abet terribly exhausting.  Here's what we did:

Read "The Rebirth of the Sun" from Circle Round, my go to book for all things celebratory.

Read "The Shortest Day: Celebrating the Winter Solstice" which goes through how the holiday was celebrated throughout the years in different parts of the world.

Made Spirals out of paper plates (also from Circle Round) which we then hung up in the window of the classroom:


Made a little Solstice Party for the birds with pine cones (gathered by me and Anya from our yard), peanut butter and song bird seed.  This idea was mentioned in "The Shortest Day", but the idea came from Sarah, who makes awesome bird feeders for the birds every year.  Here's one of ours:

for the song birds

At the end of the two hours, I sat next to Ms. M and watched the kids have a bit of free play.  "Your job is exhausting" I informed her.
"At first.  But that's only because you had to work through each problem and issue all at once.  You do this for a while and you only have to figure something out about once a day.  Much easier for me than for you."

I'm thinking she was just being kind.

What kind of crafts are making you tired this time of year?