Our tooth fairy looks horrible in red, anyway

Last Saturday when Lily's tooth became loose, she was committed to it coming out before she went back to school after Thanksgiving break.  Yet, she wouldn't wiggle it, wouldn't let us wiggle it and generally tried to keep any and all interference with her tooth to a minimum. 

By Sunday night, she was in a bit of a panic and HAD to have it out.  So she got a pile of rags -- you know, for the massive blood loss she was expecting -- and tried over and over to pull it out.  My offers to help were met with this:


We kept trying to convince her that when her tooth was ready, it would come out easily and without much blood, but she couldn't be persuaded.

Two hours into school on Monday, whist enjoying snack time, her tooth jumped ship.  She didn't even know it had happened.  Her teacher noticed the new, slightly bloody, hole in her face and asked her where her tooth was.  It took a two hands inspection for her to realize it really was gone.  That's when she remembered spitting something out of her mouth while eating and a quick trip back to the spot where she was snacking revealed a tiny white tooth. 


gaping hole!

Just before bedtime she started theorizing that the tooth fairy might bring her little present, instead of money. I dug through my basket of BlogHer swag and found a tiny bottle of red nail polish, and so, that's what the tooth fairy gave my girly. And yes, that act officially revokes my feminist card.  But she was thrilled and the tooth fairly really didn't look good in that color anyway, so it's all good. 

Her Tooth Monster Pillow was a hit, by the way.  It turned out just like she wanted it to:

Tooth Monster claims a tooth