Anya, on death

When you die, you become someone else.  But with the same name and the same house and all the same stuff.

It's best if you die with someone, not alone.  Then you have a buddy when you're figuring out where to go next.

Mommy and Daddy will die before Anya, but that's OK, because Lily will still be around.

When Maya (the dog) dies, she'll come back as something else.  Maybe a cat, since she likes chasing them so much.

You can tell who the bad guys are by seeing if they have a gun or not.  Police carry guns, too, and some of them are bad.  They're tricky to tell about.

If you see a bad guy, run away.  Else, he might shot [sic] you dead.

Sometimes you might worry that you'll be the last person on earth and everyone else will get dead, leaving you all alone.  Mama says someone will always be there to love you, and that makes me smile.

eat your head