We had one of those rare mornings today where nobody had to be anywhere.  The girls piled into bed with us around six am and we rolled around and snoozed until about eight am and then talked and played (monsters! quick hide under the covers!) until nine.  Lily was urging everyone to get up when I suggested we spend the whole day in bed, enjoying breakfast in the blankets and playing board games in our jammies.  "OK!" she yelled and disappeared.  She returned a few moments later with a bag full of tiny tomatoes and my favorite apples, Pink Ladies.  We munched and giggled and gave the dog the apple cores.  "Should I go get some games, Mom?"  By then a friend was on her way over with my niece to play so we decided to get ourselves dressed.

Now everyone is playing and Vikki brought me a Chai and the world is in the best possible way.  We're still feeling the joy of a good outcome, loving that we have a day all together.   Mark's hoping to finish up our floor in the bedroom and is puttering around fixing and cleaning up things, something that makes him so happy.  Tonight another friend is coming over to watch the girls while Mark and I go to a play. 

Perfection, methinks.

What's your idea of a perfect day?