"My life is full of luck and grace"

And in classic this-is-how-life-is-when-you-have-a-freelance-life Mark got offered an out of town gig.  On his birthday. 

Good thing I haven't ordered party supplies yet, no?   

He's trying to decide if he should take it or not.  If he does it backs right up against another out of town gig he has so he'd be away from us for  about ten days, which would be oh so much fun for me to handle considering I just started a new job.  On the other hand, the combined income would take care of the month with some extras.  And it's been a very slow month for freelance carpentry. 

My life is full of luck and grace, but it's still hard not to feel let down when this stuff comes up.  And it comes up a lot.  It feels as though every time we try to plan something a gig pops up.  Maybe I should see that as a tool for creating opportunities (therefore money) when things are lean.  Just plan something we really want to do and the money will flow in! 

How much you want to bet that he'll get an awesome offer for the same week as the BlogHer Conference

My life is full of luck and grace.
My life is full of luck and grace.
My life is full of luck and grace.

Right.  Just remember that.