Spoke too soon

Remember when I was going on and on about how, yes it's hard to work three jobs (BlogHerAds, Theatre and my kids, which I DO count as a full time job) but I can do it, I am woman, hear me roar?  Remember that? 


Well, not totally.  I can do it but after lots of discussion with my husband and my wife (aka Vikki) I came to the conclusion that I didn't actually need to.  Mark kept suggesting that living with someone who was tired and cranky all the time wasn't what he would define as "fun".  And then Vikki sat me down and essentially said, "What are you trying to prove?"  Nothing.  Or at least, if I was, I've proved it and holy Pete, I want to sleep. 

So I quit my BlogHerAds job this morning, which actually made me feel really sad for a while.  I don't like to think of myself as a quitter but the truth was that it wasn't working for anyone anymore.  In fact, when I sent my boss-lady (not her real name) an email about it she told me she totally saw it coming and it turns out they recently hired someone so it was all good.  And here I was worried I was going to disappoint someone.   

So I'm simplifying my life again and Mark is hopeful that means I'll stop trying to throw things at his head.  AND I'll be able to read all your blogs again, which will make me happy.  AND I'll finally be able to jump on the bandwagon at HopeREVO and start contributing there, like I said I would all those months ago. 

And that?  That makes me happy.