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On behalf of the Knott family I'm writing to thank each and every one of you who worked to oppose Cara's murderer's release from prison.  When we asked for letters we never expected the outpouring of support and community commitment we received.  With your help the parole board received over 300 letters in opposition to Craig Peyer's parole request, a stark contrast to the eight letters in his favor, most of which were from his own family members.  It's not often today that you can say that your voice was heard, but the prison commission read and considered every one of those 300 letters.

The hearing took place on January 31, and took approximately two and a half hours with only thirty additional minutes for the board to deliberate.  They returned a swift verdict of four more years in prison which means we won't have to revisit this ordeal again until January of 2012, a relief and a much needed break for all of us in our ongoing campaign to keep the community safe from this murderer.  We'll be back to ask for more support in December 2011 but for now, know that you have made a huge difference by simply voicing your support.  Thank you.

We also wanted to publicly thank the Parole Board and everyone involved at the California Men's Colony prison as well as the press and the District Attorney's Office for being so supportive and making this as good an experience as possible under the circumstances.  Deputy District Attorney Richard Sachs spoke eloquently against the parole while San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis attended the hearing, offering her support and compassion to the Knott family. The members of the press were also professional and sympathetic to our emotions. It was definitely a difficult and emotionally harrowing day, but we appreciated the extent to which everyone around us tried to make the experience as smooth as possible to spare the Knott Family any additional pain or discomfort.

We couldn't have done this without you and we hope you'll be able to support us again in four years.  Please know that your voice made a huge impact and we are so very grateful for it.

With thanks,
Oreet, Cara's sister in law

For more information about the case and specific details about the verdict, please take a look at the San Diego Union-Tribune article linked below:

Ex-CHP officer Peyer denied parole again