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One of the bonuses of my BlogHerAds job is that I get to read a lot of blog I wouldn't have otherwise found.  I've been wanting to tell you about a particular one but haven't yet gotten to it.  Heather over at Oh My Stinkin Heck just gave me an excuse to do so.  She's running a virtual "share the love" contest where you tell about bloggers you love with the potential reward of free art from Allison Strine Designs.  I happen to be a wee bit enamored of Heather and the art looks funky enough to own so I thought I'd play along.

  • First up is listed in my blogroll under the category of Indefinable but Good.  Kal of Trauma Queen is a Scottish ambulance man who writes these beautiful and heart wrenching posts about his work.  He approaches his patients with humor and kindness and makes me care about them and their troubles instantly, eager to read on and see what happens next.  I don't know him at all, have only traded one email off a comment I left, so to me he's still holding celebrity status.  But he's down to earth, honest and, just like a traffic accident, you can't look away.  One caveat, don't read him when you're all hormonal.  Trust me.
  • The other blog you need to know about is Shutter Sisters. I do have relationships with some of the women behind this collaborative photography blog and this new endeavor is just stunningly beautiful.  Find photo tips, artistic expression, eye candy and the revival of Love Thursday. So much going on here, you really cannot miss it.
  • Sarah of Dreamdust makes me happy.  She's wicked funny and, well, Brittish, so she's got that going for her.  I spent a semester in England in my college years and if I had been lucky enough to know her then it would have been beyond awesome.  Except, of course, that she's way younger than I so 10 years ago it would have been weird.  Just ignore that bit of the time construct.
  • Finally there's Steph who is new to the blogging scene and a fellow BlogHerAd Network Editor.  She started this silly little blog about using her crockpot every day for a year and manages to tell you about roasting a chicken and make you laugh all at the same time.   She also a dream to work with, being kind, generous and always there to help when I need it.  I seriously adore this woman.  Can't wait to meet her next time I'm in the Bay Area... I don't even care if I have to take public transport to get there.

Want to have your own smack at winning free art?  Just head on over to Heather's blog and bone up on the rules.   Don't forget to spend some time looking around at her brilliant bits.  And?  I might get to make out with her this summer at the BlogHer conference.  At least, that's the story I keep telling myself.