7 Days: Day 6

Another long day for me complete with a show opening at a theatre I used to work for.  This place produces the big, showy kind of theatre that often makes a jump to Broadway and we had a good time with tonight's offering, an old time musical that clocked in at three hours long.  My 14-year-old babysitter was not home by 11, which is what I had told her mom would be the case.  I was comforted by the fact that when I saw my old boss he was noticeably disappointed that I got back into the working world without calling him first.  Offended, even.  And for a guy who never shows any emotion, I was touched. 

And the gossip!  I love opening nights for the gossip.  The theatre world is so tight, it's always news when that critic leaves the party with that Artistic Associate and then are seen together at the next event.  Or the endless pairings and splits, which shouldn't be anybody's business but so many of them are handled with such drama!  It's way too much fun.

But alas, I didn't get a single shot from all that pageantry.  Cameras at the theatre have always been a no-no and I wasn't up for breaking the rules when I was a guest.  You'll have to settle for the shot below that I captured while at the coffee house with the girls this morning. 

7 days: 6 - working at the coffee shop

Lily and Anya ran off to play in the kids area and I tried desperately to wake up while getting some work done on my computer.  I've been waking up achy and uncomfortable with a head full of active dreams, almost breathless from all the grappling with "big issues" or fleeing from some random dream monster.  It's kicking my ass.  I wish my subconscious would just figure it all out and let me get some rest.  At least the kids are doing well and Anya is recovering from her latest allergy attack.  Tomorrow we plan on spending most of the day at the park and I'm looking forward to the ease of friendship and understanding that only a pack of mama's can provide.  Thank God for playgroup.