Friday in the park

We had the supreme pleasure of attending a birthday party in the park for one-year-old Rowan and two-year-old Liesl on Friday.  Between the two birthday mama's they had baked up 50 vegan cupcakes and provided a whole host of other lovely eats. It had been a while since we'd made it to playgroup and I was amazed at how quickly everyone had grown, how beautiful these kids were and how very much I craved the time with their mama's.  It was a perfect morning, even including Lily's meltdown about needing to go home for a nap.  There's a ton of photos from the day over at Flickr (click here for them all) but they are mostly marked for friends/family only since I don't have permission from all the mama's to post their kids faces on the internet.  I was bummed to discover I had very few of Rowan, but was very very pleased with all the cake faces.  I adore taking photos of kids shoving food into their faces.  I mean come on, this is effing brilliant:

fan of frosting yummy


I did get one video of the kids all in a circle singing Happy Birthday.  I'm hoping all the mama's are OK with me posting it here.  Because it kicks ass: 


Overall, I'm a big fan of all of these people and I couldn't be happier to share these celebrations with them!  I'm feeling wicked lucky, yes.