upcoming: 30 tiny moments

I love doing the 7 days self portrait project each season for so many reasons.  One of the biggest is that it forces me to slow down and look for the opportunities to catch myself in an interesting moment... to create interest in my own life and try to frame it, if you will.  I like being accountable to myself.  But I often find myself wanting to turn the lens on something else during that time and while I do grab the shots that call to me, I was very interested when I read about Amanda Soule's 30 tiny moments project a while back.  She focused on the little things, the day to day, the things that make up her life in tiny bits and chronicled them for 30 days.  Then a couple other ladies I have a blog crush on started to pick up on the theme and a little group, headed up by Jessica at Kerflop, was born: 30 tiny moments*.

Turns out next April is one of those nifty months with 30 days in them and I figured it would appeal to my sense of order (I'm a Virgo, people) to plan to start one of these projects on April 1st.  I have two weeks to think about what makes up the tiny moments of my life and then I'm jumping in.  Anyone want to join me? Could be fun.

Of course, I could forget between now and then.  I'm not THAT bright.  Someone poke me if I do, m'kay? 

* yes, there is also a Flickr group who does this every single day of the year.  365 Daily Moments is a great idea; I'm just not willing to commit to anything that isn't my child or spouse for 365 days IN A ROW.