Monster Mash

We had a storm roll through here a couple nights ago complete with a sudden drop in temperature, intense bouts of hard rain and a couple roars from the sky in the form of thunder.  This seriously freaked Lily out.  Luckily the thunder only forced Mark out of bed and up into the girls room to comfort twice with explanations like, "The sky is talking to the clouds, it's OK."

The next morning Lily was telling me about it and how she was sure what she heard was a monster.
"Oh kido, there aren't really any monsters anymore."
"But Daddy said that when he was a little boy he met a monster and he made him his friend and took him home."

I have no idea how to respond to that.  If Daddy says there are real monsters in the world, I have no standing to claim there are not.  

When I was little my biggest fear was earthquakes in the night.  I would always wish myself asleep as quickly as possible so I didn't have to lay there in bed waiting for the big one to hit.  Yes, I grew up in SoCal.  And yes, most earthquakes occur in the evening or early morning.  Monsters were secondary but they did hang out in my closet and under the bed.

What were you afraid of?  Do any of those fears still carry over to your life today (earthquakes still make me shudder)?