alternative is good. so is 5 days of quiet.

she and Vickii got along swell

Vickii using the MicroStim on Anya to help stimulate her lung points 

Anya had an appointment yesterday with our family doctor (of Chinese Medicine, of course. We are HIPPIES remember?)*.  Vickii was also the midwife who attended Anya's birth and therefore the girls know her pretty well.  Anya was feeling a bit shy at first but quickly warmed up and allowed Vickii to do what was needed to help stimulate her lungs, which have not been working the way we'd all like.  The poor kid has been reacting to allergens pretty severely this season (a byproduct of the wildfires, we think) and has been in a constant loop of sickness.  We were hoping to use needles to stimulate her lung points but she was unsure of them and pulled away when Vickii put the tube on her skin to see how she'd do with it.  So we switched over to the MicroStim, a little machine that produces a tiny electrical charge.  I could barely feel it when she showed me on my own arm.  Anya seemed unconcerned with that treatment, so that's where we focused.  She also sent us home with some seeds taped to Anya's skin, which are essentially place holders for pressure points.  They don't do much on their own and instead remind you to gently stimulate them whenever the kid is sitting with you.  Since Anya spends a fair amount of time clinging to the ear of the closest adult, we figured this would be a good thing for her.  Anya has a pair on her back, her wrists and her knees. She also sent us home with some herbs for both girls, which they have been happy to take. 

playing trains before/after her appointment

playing with trains before and after Anya's appointment 

Lily has been feeling fine but she, Anya and Mark are about to embark on a five day trip to go see his family.  His grandpa is turning 93 and he wants to get up and see him.  They're leaving me behind.  The only difficult part for me is that his mom smokes around the girls and while I totally respect that it's her home and she should be able to do as she wants in it, one (or more) of us always leaves there sick.  I'm betting this is why Mark didn't push me coming with as it makes it very hard for me to want to visit, even though I adore my MIL deeply and have the utmost respect for her.  She's a wonderful, supportive woman who obviously adores her kids and grandkids and I cherish all the time they get together.   This time I'm sending them with herbs with the hope that it'll keep them well enough to withstand the smoke and the extra pollen load found in that part of California (big). 

Which brings me to the next topic: I have five days on my own. I'm thinking hookers and blow.  Your thoughts?

*We tend to turn first to alternative meds to handle general heath and western medicine for emergency situations.  After all, that is what western medicine handles best.  But they do still get the regular check ups with an MD that every other well cared for child attends.  We like to cover our bets, yo.  That and we have an amazing MD who fully supports using whatever modalities work best for you and your family.  We love him, too.