Funny how the universe works that way

I'm a firm believer in the concept that the universe has a plan.  Some people call this God working His mysterious ways and if that's what works for you, then rock on my biblical friend.  For me though, it's the universe.  The universe needed my kids and husband to be home so we could stand together when an opportunity to make a difference presented itself.  Now I just have to trust that the universe (in the form of editors/reporters) will actually represent us properly and not twist our words to make us appear as hippie freaks who abuse our children. 

Tomorrow my family and some friends are being taped for The Today Show.  We're talking about informed vaccine choices.  I don't know when it airs, but I am a wee bit terrified they're going to take everything we say out of context and turn it into a more sensationalized story.  I've worked with enough reporters to know that "the truth" is never as alluring as "the sensationalized truth."  I know what a good sound bite looks like and it rarely has to do with a rational, intelligent parents doing what they truly feel is best for their family.  Also?  They are SO going to assume we're a bunch of conservative Christians.  At least that bit is funny.

So do me a little favor and Sunday around noon (PST) be thinking rational thoughts.  Then send up the word of "Truthful Reporting" to whoever you believe in.  I'll let you know if it ever makes it to air.