We taped for  The Today Show this afternoon.  The original idea was that we'd all sit around and have a conversation but when we arrived they had nixed that idea for family interviews.  After we had a little Easter egg hunt in the front yard while the camera man (Todd, nice guy) chased the kids around Mark and I sat together and answered questions while the kids sat in the back shoving their faces full of Easter egg candy.  The did stand-ups with another two women and then moved indoors to catch my friend Sybil's family prepping lunch and did interviews with them.  I was proud of myself for sticking to the points we had discussed and getting in the ideas we felt important.  I was NOT proud of myself for railroading my husband and giving him very little chance to speak.  He got a few words in but who knows what they chose to focus on.  Heck, we could be totally ignored since I'm doubting our whole segment will be more than a few minutes long.

But it airs tomorrow on NBC sometime during the show.  It airs 7-11am PST so check your local listings and set your DVR!  Hopefully it'll not suck.  My favorite shot of the day (click on it for the whole set): 

Q hides