Making a Mama proud

Driving home from a friends house the other day a Janis Joplin tune came up on the iPod rotation, her voice screaming through the car in that characteristic style she's so very known for.  As she belted out, "Try" I heard Lily saying something from the back of the car so turned down the music to ask her to repeat herself.

"My.  She's got quite a voice, Mama."
"Does that mean you like her, Lil?"
She nodded happily and instructed me to turn it up.

Grandma will be pleased to know that we officially have three generations of Joplin fans in this family.   


Before nap today Lily informed me that she now knows how to write the letter "M".
"You know what that means, don't ya, Lil?"
"It means you can spell 'Mom.'  It's just M-O-M."
"M-O-M" she repeated and then went in for her nap.  After she got up she walked into the living room, got her note pad and a pencil and without any prompting from me wrote "MOM."  After that, she wanted me to help her spell "Elaine" and "Mark". 

Anyone know how to spell, "holy-crap,-my-little-girl-is-growing-up"? 


making a mama proud