at least I didn't crash

Yesterday while driving to a friends house to play I clicked off the radio when I heard Anya telling an elaborate story.  The bit I head went something like this:

And she came to the door and she said, "K-knock, k-knock, is anybody there?  Hello?" and it was quiet.  So she tried again, "Hellllllo?  K-knock, k-knock, is anybody there?  Hello?" And someone said, "SHHHHHH! BE QUIET! EVERYONE IS SLEEPING!"

I knew this was going to get good and I thought that maybe if I could hand her the camera she'd tell it the rest of the story and then I could share it with you.  Instead, this happened:


Yeah, I don't know either.  Then she took the following pictures (click on any of them for larger views):   

I kinda like this one sun through the seat yes, I have dimples in my elbows what's with the ladder?

I'd say she's a budding genius but I don't quite understand her focus or composition.  But then, maybe THAT'S what makes her a genius?  I don't know.  Next time I'll sit down next to her and attempt to get her to understand the concept of recording her stories for posterity.  If nothing else, I gotta get her to understand what part of the camera to look into.