7 Days: Day 2

7 days: 2 - Mark is home

After a week away for work, we're all thrilled he's home. Anya was laying on him as well but she didn't make the frame of the picture. We all missed him something silly.


Anya and Lily take turns feeding the dog.  It cracks me up to see these little people in charge of a hungry animal who weighs more than they do combined.  But she's a good dog and she listens well and knows that those kids are in charge.  She even allowed Lily to wrap a bungee cord around her neck yesterday which, since I didn't notice quickly enough, unfortunately resulted in the loop on the cord catching on her huge water bowl and dumping gallons of water all over the dining room floor.  Good times.  Anyway, I've been wanting to catch a clip of Anya feeding the dog and finally managed to today.  Check out her mad household helper skillz:



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