yes, yes I did

I have this lovely friend.  She's beautiful and kind and quirky and very shy.  She says things that alter my world, like "When my daughter started listening to what I say I stopped talking shit about myself.  And you know what?  I actually hate my body so much less now.  And I didn't even have to DO anything.  Next I'm going to start telling myself I'm beautiful and see how THAT rocks my world.  You do it too, m'kay?"

One day she decided to change the world.  So she did. And now, it's kinda become a mission.  Her site, The Shape of a  Mother, has bolstered the beauty that women find in themselves and given confidence and strength to moms of every shape, size, color and age.  I am so very honored to be in her circle of friends.  So when she asked for people to come and pose for the site redesign I didn't really think, I just said yes.  I got naked and danced while she took photos and while it felt silly and a little like something a crazy person would do, I did it.  And she captured what I think will be some lovely shots.  Some lovely, anonymous shots, thank goodness. 

I'll let you know when the new design goes live and we can have an embarrassing game of "name that booty!" to see if any of you can recognize me naked.  That should be really fun for me.  And for my mom, who is probably clutching her chest at this moment and making that GAH! sound she reserves for when I do crazy things that make the neighbors talk.

What about you?  Ever get naked for a good cause (other than that, which is usually a very good cause).