30 tiny moments: trying to strike the "Wannabe"

grey water collection


So.  We had this great idea.  We'd take the water we use for laundry and collect it to use on the trees around the property.  Simple, right?   Our washer sits in the main part of the house in the bathroom next to the front door.  So Mark took a drill and poked a hole in the wall.  Then we took the hose that had been previously sending all that water down the drain and shoved it through the wall and into a 15 gallon barrel

Anyone know the problem yet?

We didn't do our research.  We assumed that since we have a front loader, energy saver machine it had to only use like ten gallons a load, right?  Yeah, not so much.  Or conversely, more.  18-25 gallons.  All I can say is that it's a good thing the container was outside on the deck and not inside the house.  Ultimately, we decided we'd run it back down the drain it was currently in, access it from under the house, set up some 55 gallon barrels and then run a grey water spigot out the side wall.  The whole Mark drilled?  We'll have to patch it.

But hey, the realization of how much water is being waisted with every load, perfectly good water that we could be using on our trees?  Totally altered my perception.  Now we feel like we HAVE to use it somehow, even if it's a little more work the the simple hole in the wall.  And just like that, we made one more step away from the "Wannabe" in our website title.  Nice.