Auction for Jeni Ballantyne

A while back I was contacted regarding an amazing soul named Jeni Ballantyne, a single mom whose time on this Earth is being dramatically limited by stage four colon cancer.  She's nearing the end and trying to make arrangements for her beautiful son Jack.  Bella, Meg and Jen Lemen are trying to help her find some funding to make that a wee less of a burden and so have put together and action on eBay for her benefit. I found four of my favorite photographs to add to the auction and they are offered up with free shipping.  Go bid on a few things, would you?  There are some beautiful things in that collection and from what I understand, all the artists involved are donating 100% to Jeni, including taking care of the shipping cost.

Jeni writes:

Hello my friends, I haven't been well enough to post in quite a while but I just wanted to check in with you, I have just received an email from Bella to say that the EBay Auction to raise money for me is up at the following link
thank you so much Bella, Meg and Jen Lemen and also to everyone else who so kindly donated goods for this. Words fail me in trying to express your kindness and generosity, my heart is full and no matter what happens the fact that this was even attempted means so very much to me. I love you and I most humbly thank you. I believe there are some most lovely things to be purchased so hopefully, as well as helping me, you will also get yourselves something wonderful.

You can go right to my photos by clicking on any of the thumbnails below:

Seashells Bamboo Frog Butterfly leaf


Or just visit the eBay store where you can find items in the following categories:

photography, art, gift certificates, jewelry, home goods, services, scarves, one of a kind, music, books and movies, baby and child, Stationary * Gift Cards, Bath & Body, Other Items.

If nothing else, just look and read and put some energy into this auction doing well enough that she comes away with enough cash to help things feel a little more secure.  Thank you for looking!