Anya, meet the potty. Potty, meet Anya. NOW STAY!

3 of 30: waiting for Anya to pee

When Lily was about 28 months old she decided one day that she was done with diapers.  Inside of a week, she was.  None at naps, throughout the day, not even at night.  Just done.  It was astounding.  Of course, Anya has to remind us on a daily basis that she is NOT her sister in a million different ways, but the potty way?  That's got me grumbling.  She'll be three in May and while we had a lovely little interlude last summer where she gave up diapers, she relapsed with a vengeance (strangely RIGHT after I sold the majority of my cloth diaper stash) and is off the pot.

Her peers are even getting in on this.  Nina told her mom the other day that Anya really was too old for diapers and she was going to set her straight.  I can't wait for that playdate; it can't help but be awesome.

But she does flirt with the potty now and again. Today happens to be one of those days.  She insisted she'd wear underwear today and after a morning pee has kept herself dry.  Not, mind you, by actually peeing on the potty.  No.  Instead she's remained dry by the sheer force of will and her determination not to pee at all.  Ever. Again. 

At least we got to enjoy making faces at each other while she sat on the pot before nap time.  Where she is now.  With a pull up firmly ON her ass.

Sigh.  This too shall pass.