at least we're ready for a great big flood

Much to my surprise, I came home tonight to discover that we have yet another sailboat.  Unlike the last one Mark brought home, this one is actually sea worthy and comes with some extras (like an anchor, working sails and, um, NO HOLES in the keel). It's a 1972 twenty-two foot, South Coast Seacraft and isn't current named, so nobody needs to get all crazy about the curse of "renaming" it. I've only seen her in the dark so will try to get a couple shots of her tomorrow to post.  Mark and Nate are taking her for her maiden (as maiden as one can get at 36-years-old) voyage on Saturday to make sure she really is safe.

Funny side note.  We bought our amazing home from a gentleman who, as a teen, fled the boarders of Yugoslavia while under gunfire to make a new life in the US.  Guess how the dude Mark bought the boat from got here?  Not on this boat, if that's what you're thinking.  But it is a classic tale of a Cuban and a raft and a whole lot of luck.  Mark says it's a good omen.  

I can only hope he's right.