one space or two?

I recently submitted a piece for publication.  You know, in an actual book like object.  I don't expect much from the experience just because I'm one of those people who believes in not getting your hopes up.  But the truth is that it's one of the more exciting projects I've seen in a loooooong time and I've got my fingers crossed (abet behind my back).  

But I did have a momentary pause on one of the submission requirements.  Right under all the expected guidelines (make paragraphs flush left; NO indentations, Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font, etc) was this little doohickey: "Only use ONE space after a period."  I totally get why this new trend in publishing exists.  Over the scope of a whole book you're saving space.  It's a trend that is becoming, I believe, fashionable in publication.  But see the problem is I'm an old fashioned girl.  It's ridiculously hard for me to leave out that extra space, even when I'm limited to only 140 characters for a tweet and I'm pressed for space.

I mentioned it to my old fashioned husband and our literary minds reeled for a bit, trying to wrap around this tiny little thing.  "But I need that break," he insisted.  "Sometimes when I'm writing or reading, all the breath I need is in those two little spaces.  Can I breathe in just one?" 

Ultimately, of course I can.  Especially since I feel so strongly about this project and have high hopes of being involved.  Do any of you have feelings on this topic or is that insanity reserved for people with degrees in Creative Writing and their geeky husbands?

If nothing else, go check out Shiny Blue You and see if it's a good fit for your writing style.  It can't help but be amazing.  Click the bike below for a peak.