30 tiny moments: Found poetry

Eight years ago when I was getting married my dad handed me one of those (in my opinion) cheesy little books about marriage.  You know the ones, all full of sappy poetry and sentiment.  I set it aside and for almost a decade it sat on a shelf collecting dust. 

In my effort to rid our home of clutter I started going through our books today, the first step towards finding them more loving homes.  I was about to throw this book into the pile when I noticed that one of it's pages had my dads script on it.  So I sat down on the stairs and started to flip through the book.   I found a couple of his notes along side the poems that made me laugh, something I would expect from my storytelling pop.  My dad is full of sweeping hand gestures, loud laughter and tales that keep you focused all the way to the end.  Whenever something bad would happen to me as a kid he'd make me tell him the story in the deepest detail I could remember.  At the end, he'd always clap his hands and say, "Wow! What a great story!  I mean, it sucked that that happened to you, but see what an amazing story you have to tell now!"

Are you all staring to get an idea of why I am the way I am?

Then I came across this one:

This is the one that got me


If you cannot read his handwriting (he's dyslexic and has never written "neatly") it says "You were and are and always bee necessary to me."  Sitting on the stairs in my living room with a pile of dusty books by my side I burst into tears.  Turns out my dad is not only funny and kind but sentimental.  And in the very back of the book I found a poem he wrote himself which feels right on for me. 

Who knew (other than him) that I was sitting on such a gem masquerading as a cheesy book of poems?

What hidden treasures have you turned up when cleaning out your home?