But I want it. Please?

In that hallowed time BC (before children) Mark and I got it in our head one year that we would dedicate ourselves to health. We just didn't want to have to leave the house in order to do so. At least we were thinking realistically about ourselves. Anyway, we had a big old conversation about what we wanted to get. My mom had bought a stairmaster once in her life and I remember her bringing it home and laughing crazily when a friend suggested that inside of six months it would be a place to hang your clothes when drying. Not her, she would NEVER do that. To her credit, I think the stairmaster lived up to it’s potential for about eight months.

So when we were faced with this issue we wanted to make sure we were really dedicated. We were not going to succumb, yo. We bought a treadmill and a weight machine and stuck it in the spare room/office and vowed to use it at least thrice a week.

I'm pretty sure they got used as a laundry rack inside of two weeks. The machines lived with us for another two years as a very expensive reminder of how you cannot outlive genetics.

I have been too ashamed to actually buy anything else but have coveted a whole list of things, including the iGallop, but that's likely because I had fantasies of me eating a cheeseburger while riding it and fulfilling my husband's jaw dropping response to that Carl's Jr commercial. Everybody wins in that scenario.  The Trampoline also had promise, if not for these boobs which could have caused a black eye if I tried jumping without first strapping them down with duct tape. The strip tease classes have always been interesting as well, but I bust into maniacal giggling at any attempt to be "sexy" so I can only see that working against me.

But I have never, ever, in my whole career of "where the hell did this flab come from?" wanted anything as badly as I want the wii fit. I covet it. Pretty sure I won't go to hell for winning it, though. I've considered entering a life of crime to get one since the budget doesn't bear it but I'm pretty sure that's not the path to peace. See, now I'm wishing I had kept all that expensive gym equipment so I could sell it and buy the wii. Hey, a girl can dream.


This entry inspired by Jenny’s Fit In Only Six Minutes A Day! Contest. Sadly, I don't expect to win because I haven't purchased enough ridiculous stuff in my life. Is OK. Any chance to win a wii and I'm there. Dude, maybe I should have made this fiction? Whatever, it's way better than the pity party I previously posted.