let the sunshine in

We've reached the other side of this chicken pox thing, where the girls no longer spend their days trying not to claw out their tender parts while I shush and gently hold them and say, "Don't scratch, sweetie" and "I'm so sorry you don't feel well" and "Here, let me run you another bath."  Anya still looks pretty amazingly miserable but Lily never got more than a few on her face and so is healing without looking like a third world victim.  Despite Anya's spots she still managers to radiate sunshine.  Today on the swing she fixed me with such and intense smile that as she drew closer and then away I could feel an energetic heat waxing and waning from her, her eyes speaking the "I love you"'s she's so fond of offering these days.  Lily pumped her feet to the sky and giggled at the rush and the three of us made up songs to sing and belted them out, praising the clouds and the grass and the palm trees and the chair and the broken bit of chalk left out on the grass.  We still have to manage a few more days of discomfort and we have to do it without Mark, but I feel like I can see the other side of this thing and that has put me in tremendous spirits.  Lucky for us we have a few other poxy friends so we don't have to be isolated at home.  I'm hoping to elect a few invitations and have some others over while we wait out the rest of the contagious period. 

Most of all, I'm just thrilled my little girls don't feel so badly anymore.