Worthy of praise

We're officially done with the Chicken Pox.  Granted, the girls still look all scabby -- I counted over 40 pox on Anya's forehead alone -- but they haven't been itchy for days, are in great spirits (despite the cabin fever) and are ready to tackle the world again.  As am I, yo.  I think we'll go crazy and go to the grocery store.  Maybe even Costco as well.  Living dangerously, people.

One unexpected benefit of the pox is that Anya is totally out of diapers.  Because she had so many pox in her down-below and couldn't possibly put a diaper on her at night, we started putting her to bed al natural and hoping for the best.  I did a lot of laundry this week.  Last night I decided to try waking her up when I went to bed at 11pm and getting her on the potty then.  She was a bit confused about being plucked from her pillow and landing on a toilet but as I cooed, "Thank you for peeing on the potty and not on your bed" over and over again, she settled down and let nature take its course.  This morning?  This morning she woke up with a dry bed.  

It's amazing how thrilled I can be over such a thing.  Seriously, you can't see it but I'm doing a happy dance.  And no, I won't be recording it and posting on YouTube.  Although if she goes a whole week without waking up wet, I might just have humiliate myself in just such a way.  Anyone want to lay bets?