the hits just keep coming

You remember my friend with liver cancer?  We found out this morning that he's lost his position on the donation list.  He now has cancer in one lung and Coccidioidomycosis, more commonly known as "Valley Fever", in the other lung which, due to his weakened immune system, is kicking his ass.  The plan for treatment?  Open him up and cut off the lower half of both lungs. Seriously.

Mark is trying to figure out when he can get to Arizona to visit with him before he goes in for surgery but in the immediate future his three day gig (starting tomorrow) just got extended to a full week so that he can cover for our friends company on a gig in Dallas.  Then he comes home and starts his new job and then hopefully gets to take a weekend to visit in AZ.  And I'll likely be unable to see our friend at all as I can't bring the kids to him and since he's in Arizona, I can't just drop them off at Grandma's for the day so I can go to the hospital without my germ factories.

So, no new liver, a compromised immune system, severely altered lungs... you see where I fear this is going, no?  

This fucking sucks.