Happy Birthday, Grandpooh

My dad turned 60 this last week and we all got together for dinner at his favorite Thai place.  He's recently sold his fishing boat and replaced it with a kayak.  A kayak to which he just added a small trolling motor.  You can often find him grunting like "Tim the tool man Taylor" and roaring, "MORE POWER!"  We decided to get him a couple tubes of sunblock and an iPod Shuffle loaded with Radio Lab (the BEST show on radio, hands down) episodes although we haven't gotten around the water proof issue.  I even promised to come show him how to sync the thing and download what he wanted, as if anyone would ever need more than Radio Lab.

After dinner we were all watching the girls run circles out front while Grandpooh chased them (see below) when Anya suddenly announced that she had to go potty.  Anya only poops once a week.  Seriously.  And when she does, it's a sight to behold.  Figures she'd pick 8pm at a restaurant to do her weekly pooping.  As you can imagine, when you only poop once a week it can be a little challenging to get things going.  And since she was kinda freaked out about pooping on the potty for a while, I usually start her out with my arms wrapped around her little body and saying stuff like, "You're doing such a great job!"  This time I started whispering encouragement to her when she pushed my away, looked me right in the eye and in her most teen voice said, "MOM.  I'm FINE!"  OK then.  Then she told me the following:

"I had poop but I didn't want [cousin] Nicky to get it so I have to hide it in the potty.  But then we have to flush it down or it'll get big big big to the ceiling and then we'd have to get a ladder and set it up next to the potty and then climb up to clean the poop off the ceiling and..." and she didn't stop talking for the next 34 minutes.  By the time she was done she'd clogged the toilet and Mark and Lily had retired to the car where they were reading books and trying not to be too impatient.

Seriously, any tips for getting a kid to poop more frequently?  I suspect she'll figure this out sooner or later and it won't be so awesomely stunning in the future.  But for now we all fear the weekly poop.  Trust me, you would too.