Catch up!



My blog is being bitchy. Bitchy blog refuses to load the "Create Journal Entry" page and makes me curse at the screen.  Then I reload and it's all, "What?  I'm here for you, baby!  Come and give me some sugar!" and I'm all, "I'm confused?  Why is this so difficult? Can't we just work together?" and it's all, "Dude. Relax."

You all know "relax" is like telling a woman that yes, you DO look fat in those jeans, right?  Don't ever tell a woman to "relax".  Male and Lesbian readers, you're welcome.

Anyway, just a few updates to share:

1. I am busy. So busy.  Good times.

2. Mark got the (as of yet unphotographed) boat in the water today and it only took on about 1/2 an inch of water in the three hours after it splashed down.  This is a good thing, especially since Mark's pretty sure where it was coming in.

3.  I went to a tea tasting party today and got all hopped up on caffeine and sugar.  That was nice.

4. Yesterday we had a little May Day party at the park in a faerie theme.  It was awesome.  If you're one of my friends of family contacts on Flickr, go check out the photos (click on the one of Lily above for the full set).    

5. Lily and Anya have been exposed to the Chicken Pox.  I'm hoping they actually get it now as it's actually a fairly good time for us to go through this, despite the fact that we're going into birthday season 'round these parts. But if I drop off the face of the earth it's because I've got one kid clinging to me with her thumb attached to her face and the other working her drama queen gene.  Also? Building my arsenal of alternative medicine CP tricks to treat.  I'm gonna be an expert, yo.

6. I don't think there's a six.  I think I'm done.  

What's new with you?