my little freak

Mark took the girls to playgroup today while I was working. Lily had herself a rather large crash with a skinned knee and toe and the drama?  Well let's just say that I heard about it from several moms.  Not only was there an amazing display of acting skillz (I'm thinking our background in theatre has screwed us with our offspring) but she got sand on her hand and in all the distraction of her performance she reflexively LICKED her hand in order to clean the sand off.

You see how that might notch up the drama a wee bit?  Yeah, I thought you might.

At knitting tonight when the moms were all discussing this event, Lorien reminded me that when Lily was upset the other day she randomly licked her hand.   I'm thinking she's got a wee bit of a quirk here.  OK, here's where all you goggle divas diagnose her with something freaky and then try to break it to me gently that she only has a couple months to live.  Thanks for that!

Also reported was how awesome Mark was with her when she went down.  Everyone commented on how calm he was, how connected they were to each other, how very great Mark was as a dad.  Good to hear, even though I already know.