Perfect Anniversary, yo

Happy couple

We had an awesome anniversary.  I dropped off the girls at Grandma's, took care of some paperwork for Lily's school and then went to join Mark, who had been working on getting the boat ready to sail.  We had planned to sail across the bay to get lunch but by the time we got over to the island it was getting late.  So we stopped by a friends restaurant and grabbed a bite to eat, chatting her up about all the fantastic changes they've made since taking over the joint. 

We got back on the road to the boat launch and I caught some great (but long) video of us hoisting the mast and then dropping the boat in the water.  After a couple hours on the out I was starting to feel a bit queasy and needed to head back in.  Once we got out of the channel and started concentrating on tacking, the flow of work, the rhythm of shifting from side to side, me on the jib and Mark on the main sail and tiller, I felt better and enjoyed the last bit of sailing quite a bit.

We finished up the day with a lovely dinner out where I got a wee bit drunk and we ate brilliantly tasty farm-to-table food.  Picked up the girls from Grandma's and headed home.  Not a bad way to celebrate, if you ask me.

Click on the photo above for more images from our day out.