7 Days: Day 6

7 Days: 6 ~ poor pooch

Yesterday around 4:30pm I realized that my food centric dog hadn't asked for dinner.  She always gets food around 3pm, so this was significant.  By the time Mark got home from work it was pretty clear she was in pain and unable to walk.  We found the problem in her right leg, the spot where she currently has signs of arthritis despite the fact that she's only eight-years-old (or will be in July).   We tried to get her up. We tried to get her to drink.  We tried to comfort her.

She just looked at us with her big brown eyes and stayed put.

So we gave her some gluocosimine and an aspirin and I dipped my hand in water over and over, smearing what I could on her muzzle so she could lick it off and get some liquid in her.  She was shivering and sad and so we draped her with a blanket and Mark decided to sleep on the couch nearby.

Around 5am this morning she got herself up and slowly, awkwardly climbed up onto the couch.  By the time I got up at 7, she was doing so much better.  She perked up when I offered her breakfast and she even made her way outside for a bit.  

She's stiff and wobbly, but better.  I'll take better.

Hopefully we'll get to keep better for a long time.