on the backs of black and white clad angels

We had another show opening at the theatre and so I dropped off the girls at my moms for an overnight before heading up to write checks, assist with press kits and muck about. 

"They packed church clothes if you plan to take them in the morning, Mom."
"It's going to be a clown service!"
"A what?"
"Paster G brought 200 kids over from Arizona and they're going to do the service in mime tomorrow.  No words, no music, just mime."
"Are you serious?"
"Yes.  Apparently there will be 100's of balloons."
"Wow.  I'm trying so hard not to mock this right now."
"I know you are.  Thank you."

When I described this little plan to Mark, Nate and Sandy over dinner I could see the twinkle in their eyes as well.  A mime church service is full of possibilities.  Nate, in his characteristic dry humor way, started in with, "Oh wait, he's in a box.  Yes.  Now what does he have?  A hammer?  Oh my, what is he doing to the mime playing Jesus?" 
We all replied with a, "Now that can't be good." 

We're probably all going to hell. And when we get there? The devil will mime our punishment.

To be fair we did get into a discussion about unexpected brilliance.  When Nate and Sandy were in college together there was a show they worked on called Midsummer! that was a musical version of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night Dream. A 1970's disco version of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night Dream; with Oberon as a young John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever, Titania a la Diana Ross and the mechanicals as The Village People. Groans met this description and everyone agreed that this simply cannot be good. 

Turns out it was awesome.  Shocking, I know.  But Nate confessed that every night as he sat there at the light board, he really enjoyed the show.  The audience howled throughout and since nobody was really trying to do "Shakespeare", it was wicked silly.  Sandy sang her heart out as a faerie and had a blast with every performance.   

Maybe that's what will happen with the mimed church service.  While Mark and I slept in this morning, we could have been missing the best church service EVER.

Wait, he's in a box!  What's he doing in there?  Breaking free of his chains?  Ascending to heaven on the backs of black and white clad angels?  It's a glorious resurrection!  A silent resurrection!

Somehow, I think not. But I'll admit that surprises are everywhere.