he wears overalls and a pointy hat, methinks

Last night I had the mother of all migraines.  I've only had a handful in the past so I fully expect one of you to tell me I know nothing of true migraine suffering, but for now let's pretend I do.

It kinda felt like a little man with a pick ax trying to escape my brain.  I kept picturing just that in fact, which did not help matters.  Mostly though I had two thoughts in my head: I kept whispering "this will pass" over and over again between sobs.  This was to counteract the other thought in my head, "if I felt like this all the time I'd want to be dead." 

Poor Mark had to be at work by 7am today and so I felt especially bad about t he sobs I couldn't hold back by 1am, but he just rubbed my back as hard as he could (gentle touch made me want to vomit) and got me a cool washcloth and told me that yes, it would pass.  Every time I'd blurt out, "I'm sorry" he'd just gently respond with a "no, no, no" and kiss my face.

Eventually I managed to fall asleep, waking to feel as though someone had beat me about the head and neck all night.  I feel foggy and lost and a little like my eyes are going to fall out.  I'm thinking I've just been in the sun too much and that's what brought it on.  Sunday we went sailing (great story about the boat trying to come apart on the water; I'll get to it later), Monday to a friends house to swim and yesterday the zoo.  Just too much activity in the sun.  Or something I ate.  Or barometric pressure.  Or I've angered the gods... I don't know.  All I know is that I am happy to be here, thank you very much.

So yeah, stories and pictures to come.  For now I need to get the girls to Grandma's, go spend some time at work and then (if my brain cooperates) I get to go to a concert with friends tonight.  Here's hoping the little dude with the pick ax is on vacation.