gone camping

Tomorrow we go camping.  It should be lovely.  And probably dirty.  Maybe even uncomfortable, but don't let me build it up too much for you.  Too much to think about and pack, so no extra brain space to actually fill you in on the last couple days.  Did want to share the following:

While helping me fold clothes today Lily remarks, "Mom, your underwear is so beautiful."  Let's not tell her she was holding up my biggest, most unattractive pair.
"Are they your wedding underwear, Mama?" Anya asks, not caring to define what "wedding underwear" might actually be.
"No, Anya," Lily quickly jumps in with, "They're her everyday cooking underwear."

And that, my friends, is why I keep these kids around.  They're nothing but pure blog material, yo. 

See you all in a couple days!