A question and a list

We're back from a very dirty camping trip and have all found our way to clean.  I have pictures from the trip.  Too many of them.  I know, a shocker, eh?  I'll try to get to them tomorrow but for now there needs to be sleep.  Which leads me to a question, which will then be followed by a list so that I can remember what to blog.

Question: what do you sleep on when camping?  Airbeds deflate and are wicked cold if you forget a wool blanket to cover them.  Therm-a-rest pads are only doable if you sleep on your back (I don't).  All other options are bulky and we try to travel light(ish).  Anyone have a new idea?

List of items to blog (all from the last week):
1.  Photos from Lily's birthday sailing trip and the story of how the boat tried to come apart in the middle of the bay.  And how we will now be selling her (the boat, not the Lily) bits for scrap.

2.  I got to meet tina.rina from the 7 Days Project and hang out with her at the zoo.  Lily is in love. Seriously, she held her hand throughout the zoo and is righteously pissed off that she can't come over and play seeing how she lives across the country.  We have to go look at her photos about once a day to see what she's doing and darn her for not updating more.  You're on notice, Tina.

3.  Speaking of "righteous", I went to the Ani Difranco concert with a pair of righteous babes and had a great time.  Also?  Ran into my arch nemesis from High School, although did not speak to her.  Crazy enough the girl still looks 16.  It kinda freaked me out.

4. We saw an amazing play that was well cast, well acted, well directed, had a brilliant set... shall I go on?  It made up for all the crappy theatre we've been seeing at another theatre in town (not mine, duh) and made me feel like there's a future for kick ass alternative work in this conservative town.  Happiness was mine.

5. We went camping.  Did I mention that?  RIGHT!  I so did.  Go answer my question from above.

Now I'm going to go sleep in my big comfy bed with all the lovely pillows and softness and no bugs to bite me or my children.  Awesome. 

PS I just saw my first June Bug of the season.  Nice, considering that it's almost July.  Carry on.