The New Children's Museum

Shadow Play

Lily checks out the shadow play at the New Children's Museum

Last week when Mark was out of town we decided to hit up the brand new Children's Museum in town.  It was stunning.  Lily's favorite was the pillow room, a space where the floors and walls were padded with mattresses and large, tire shaped pillows crowded the room.  She threw herself around in stacks of tires, climbed and slid down the way countless times and generally wanted to live there forever.  She also enjoyed the climbing wall, tent city and well, everything else about the place.  We went ahead and picked up Memberships despite the fact that it has one fatal (to me) flaw: no free parking.  They have a structure, but it cost $10 to park there and since it's located downtown, everything else in the area is metered and limited to two hours.  You can walk about six blocks to the mall and park there, but then I have to walk six blocks with my kids, who complain about having to walk six feet and constantly demand, "UP!" 

I'm willing to work with it.

It was just too much fun to watch Lily go from not wanting to touch or do anything to scaling a wall or laughing outrageously.  Anya, who usually takes longer to warm up to things, even started having a blast towards the end.  It was awesome.  I can see us spending a whole lot of time there.  Or at least two hours at a time until the meter runs out.

Do you have a children's museum in your town?  How is it?