A good guy needs a hand


Photo of Demetrius pulled from Goodbye Blue Monday's MySpace Page.

So I know this guy.  Well, more specifically, I know his wife and kids but I do get to see him at parties and camping trips and sometimes at playgroup.  And he's a good guy: great father, loving husband and a kick ass musician. Last Thanksgiving this good guy woke up with spots all over his body.  Odd.  The next day there were blisters in his mouth.  Not good.  

Many thousands of dollars later, this good guy, this fantastic father and husband was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that attacks the platelets.  You know, platelets?  They're the things that keep you from bleeding to death. 

"When I was really sick," [Demetrius] Antuna recalls, "if I bumped into anything, I'd get a massive hematoma bruise, and if I cut myself, I would bleed all day—it just wouldn't stop. There was nothing to stop my veins from leaking into my body, so I could've had a brain hemorrhage at any moment."

Yeah, that's not good. 

An experimental treatment got him back into the safe zone but it destroyed the family's financials.  So tonight some local musicians are drumming up money the old fashioned way: they're doing a show.  Anyone local should check out the Casbah if you can (sorry about the late notice) but even if you can't make it to the show, you can still help soften the blow.  Donations are being accepted through Rose Red Creative (the couples design studio).  Nobody is expecting you to go broke with your support but if you can spare just a wee, little, tiny bit then maybe they won't have to go broke either. 

After all, this is a really good guy.  Pinky swear.