biker girl / BlogHer / new site coming

pumping up the tires

Over the weekend Mark found a perfect bike for Lily on Craigslist for just $35.  We made arrangements to go pick it up on Sunday and then headed over to a nearby park and took over the basketball court in an effort to learn Lily some bike riding.  She does great on a bike with trainers, but this was a new challenge for her and one that was a wee bit difficult for her to embrace on a hot Sunday afternoon.  We'll have a few more lessons to go before she's got it down, methinks.

But oh, how those girls loved the streamers on the handlebars.  Anya couldn't keep her hands off of them!  And how they love it's very pinkness.  And how much Lily loves the idea of getting to ride all by herself.  Then there's that whole thing about watching your love teach your child how to ride a bike: the running along beside it and the encouraging words.  He was awesome to watch and and my heart went all soft as I watched him do a quintessential dad thing. 

More photos on Flickr as well as a couple videos (once I get them to load). 


In other news, I leave for BlogHer tomorrow.  As in one more day.  I've already got my bad packed.  And while I had arranged to stay at a friends house a couple miles from the conference, I got an unexpected opportunity to stay two blocks away that has me utterly giddy.  And it happens to be with a blogger that I love with all my heart and will likely spend all my time staring lovingly into her eyes, giggling like a dork and petting her new hair.  Wait, maybe I shouldn't say that.  She might change her mind. 

So yeah, going tomorrow!  LA LA LA!


Just one more thing: Squarespace launches their new version on Monday and the sneak peak I got made me get all breathy and light-headed.  It's so beautiful and has bells and whistles I didn't even know existed.  I'll have to change my template to fully take advantage but the new desings are amazing and the customization makes it so simple to adjust to your needs. 

So real quick, what elements from this current site do you like and which could you see go?  I'll try to keep everyone's favs in!