Yep, I'm a Virgo

You want to know what I've been doing all day?

Making lists.

No really, list after list after list.  In fact, I have a whole book of them.  To date, I've made a list of:

The thing is, I'm pretty sure I haven't made enough lists.  There's MORE to manage, I just know it.  And yet, I need to make some dinner and hang out with my kids.  Especially the one who told me she wouldn't miss me because she likes Daddy and Grandma Heidi better.  I almost turned into a 5yo and told her I liked Anya better, so NAH! But, um, I think I'm supposed to be the adult in the room.

So anyway, if you actually have the time to read this and are going, you can find me at the sessions I'm live blogging on email me at WannabeHippieBlog AT gmail and we'll find a place to meet up.  Or just look for the awkward girl in the back of the room at the parties giggling with Tank Girl