Our weekend: now with more bullet points!

We had one of those weekends.  Too many things scheduled with an extra dash of drama to top it all off.  Where do I begin? Is this a bullet post? Yeah, I'm thinking that might help.


* Dance Class: for weeks now Anya has refused to do anything in dance class but sit as close to Mark or I and hide her eyes when the teacher looks at her.  It's CRAZY making.  Then on Friday, the day before her class, she comes downstairs, walks up to Mark and I in our bathroom and asks, "Wanna see me do a chassé?"  In a state of shock that she even knew the word, we were even more surprised when she actually did it.  Her class Saturday morning went beautifully with her actually doing as she was asked, allowing the teacher to touch her and while shy, still not clinging to either of her parents.  It was stunning.  We were very proud.  She did not, however, show the teacher she could chassé, but hey, we're moving in a forward direction.

* The big fight:
Mark and I got into it that morning about, well, everything.  He said some things, I said some things, people cried (that would be me).  I keep thinking that after 12 years we should have figured out certain things about each other.  Clearly we have not.  The good news is that we still like each other, but it made for an emotional day, especially considering...
* The Grandpa visit: My brother was in town for a couple days so he and my mom drove up North to visit with our grandfather.  We thought it would be a good idea to tag along and so after dance class, made the 90 minute drive up as well.  We arrived to find him in a bit of distress as his right leg was terribly swollen.  I started tracking down Urgent Care centers (there were none open... seriously) and then it was off to the ER.  Last I heard we're looking at a blood clot and a very disappointed Grandpa for not getting to simply hang out with his grandkids.  We were just happy that we were all there to help and enjoyed what we could of the little time we were up there. 


* The bike riding that wasn't: We were supposed to attend a birthday party in the morning but I just couldn't.  Too emotional from the day before, feeling crappy and not looking forward to a large party with lots of people I would have to meet and greet and put on a smile for... not feeling it.  Besides, we needed the girls to nap early, so we stuck them in the car and found ourselves a local park where Lily could practice her bike riding.  She got a new bike a while back and Mark has been valiantly trying to get her riding it without the training wheels.  She gets frustrated after only about 15 minutes and that's the end of that.  Mark really wants to push her as he's looking forward to riding with her and knows she'll love it.  I'm more inclined to let her learn when she's ready.  Either way, it's causing more tension as she and Mark engage in a battle of wills.  We instead ended up running back and forth between the two playgrounds at the park and enjoying some air time on the teeter-totter.

*The wedding:
after a non-nap, the girls picked out fancy dresses and we headed to a friends wedding.  It was a blast and I'm not just saying that because Nate kept feeding me mixed drinks.  The bride and her bridesmaids made their entrance on a beach cruiser, we won a 80's music challenge, there were tons of chocolate dipped strawberries, Lily & Mark danced like fools, etc.  When we got home, Mark (the responsible driver in the bunch) had a bunch of these and we all giggled like idiots before Sandy and I feel asleep on the couches.  We're party girls, yo.


* Swim Class (OK, so I know that Monday isn't part of the weekend, but I'm trying to catch up here, cut me a break): Two weeks ago I took the girls to swim class.  It was awful.  Terrible.  With screaming. I was not looking forward to today's class.  Who'd have guessed that it would be the most awesome thing that ever happened to them?  They LOVED the class, were totally willing to blow bubbles and get their faces wet, listened, waved at me happily and can't wait to go again.  I almost fell over in shock.  
Do we all feel caught up?  No?  That's because I'm not telling you much about my favorite Aunt who has just been diagnosed with lymphoma.  Can we just not talk about that one yet?  OK, thanks.

How was your weekend?