So we think they can dance


We haven't done any classes with the girls for a while and figured it was about time to get them back into something. Anya, we felt, was finally old enough to make it through the dance class and Lily was over-eager to get back to dance. So we signed them up for a back to back class with the same teacher, Anya going first. She took a while to warm up to the idea of it but did eventually allow me to stick her in the circle and then slowly back away. She wasn't the only child staring blankly at the teacher but I was the only parent in the room (at first), trying to make myself as small as possible, hoping she wouldn't notice me and come running.

She did OK, if by "OK" you mean she just sat there and didn't scream. But getting up on her feet? That proved too much and she burst into sobs. I wanted to go grab her from Ms. K, but wanted to give her teacher the opportunity to try to comfort her. She scooped her up, kept on teaching and would stop frequently to stroke Anya's hair and whisper to her calmly. She was awesome. Anya didn't stop, of course, but she also didn't fight Ms. K. Eventually, she asked Anya if she wanted to go get a hug from Mommy and sent her to me. I gave her some love, and then got her paying attention. Before long she was following along with the class, just at a distance. She was even willing to scotch over there on her own for a stamp at the end of class.

Through this whole thing Lily leaned in the window and encouraged her sister. She was awesome and did everything she could to make Anya feel better. She was really looking forward to her own class and told Mark that she would do everything the teacher asked. And boy did she ever. She was the picture of a perfect student, attentive, enthusiastic and with a pretty awesome carriage. That kid just wants to dance.

I feel like this will be a good session for them both: with Lily actually improving her skills and Anya learning to take instruction from a teacher. I think by the end of the summer Anya will be enthusiastic and engaged and am looking forward to seeing her blossom.

But hell, if nothing else, they are wicked cute.

I love this kid