Art. In the Mall.

With Lily spending the week at Princess Camp, Anya and I finally got the chance to spend some one-on-one time just hanging out together. 

It was weird.

On Monday, with Lily showing a bit of resistance to me leaving, we decided to stay close to the rec center and headed over to the mall a couple miles down the road.  I tossed Anya out of the car and told her to run free, wanting her to finally have a chance to lead the way instead of being routinely shoved behind her sister who constantly yells, "I NEED TO BE IN FRONT!"  Most of the shops didn't open for another 45 minutes so we grabbed a Jamba Juice - Anya enjoyed picking her regular without Lily complaining that she didn't like strawberry best and Anya always picked strawberry and why couldn't she pick ALL THE TIME! - and then marched up and down the finery at Cost Plus.  Anya marched me into a WalMart but quickly felt the evil seeping into our bones and so marched us back out.  We spent a good ten minutes watching an extremely adorable window washer clean the windows at the shoe store, Anya fascinated by the rhythmic motion of his squeegee and me... well, fascinated by the rhythmic motion of his squeegee, of course.  We went and dropped imaginary pennies into the fountain and then delighted when Anya's wish for "a girl" was granted moments later when we walked past a dress shop and she spotted the "girls" in the window.  Inside the Target we spotted another Jamba Juice, which was promptly declared to be "crazy talk".

It was pure fun on three-year-old feet.

By the time the mall was really getting shaking I was feeling confident I wouldn't be called back to collect my princess from camp and so we decided to find a couple of low mileage pit woofies and help 'em build a memory.  Wait, no.  That wasn't it.  Instead we marched into one of those places where you pay someone to let you paint knick-knacks.  I was able to steer her clear of the tchotskis and we settled on a mug that Mark could take to work. 

And paint it we did.  I was allowed to paint the inside while Anya had free range on the exterior.  She had a blast, singing as she worked, using more paint than you would ever think a mug would be and shooing me off anytime I tried to help.  And now Mark has a mug that he thinks is wickedly cool.  I'll get a photo of the finished product soon but for now, check out a couple of Anya creating it:

A mug for Daddy

Methinks we'll have to go back, if only so that I can paint a little too.  Personally, I'm hoping to go with Bethany as she makes the best stuff.  And she might know what a pit woofie is, which would make the whole experience even better.