changing the definition

Tonight the girls and I picked up Mark from work, caught a quick dinner and then headed over to Lily's new school for registration/orientation night.  It was a wee bit surreal, in that "my kid is really going to school?" kinda way.  But luckily we ran into one friend on the way in and another once we got into the courtyard.  Both of their kids are older than Lily so I got the goods from those in the know.  Made me feel less overwhelmed. 

I also ran into a guy I went to high school with.  This kid was the smartest in the school and if not for his very wise decision to join the football team (and be good at it) he likely would have been pantsed daily just for his big, encyclopedic brain.  Last time I saw him was at my 10 year reunion, just weeks after Lily was born.  Always a huge boost to the self image to see everyone from high school when you are so very post partum.  Anyway, he and his wife had just had their first as well, but she looked amazing.  It was hard for me to be nice, but I managed somehow.

SO there he is and he is looking lost and alone and I say Hi, introduce myself and then help him find his way.  His kid will be in the other Kindergarten class but isn't with him tonight because his wife is home with the kids.  They have four now.  In the last five years.  FOUR!  It was very hard for me not so vomit on my shoes in shock.  Just the thought of me with four kids, aged five and under, was enough to shatter my whole concept of what was "hard" in the realm of parenting.  Me and my two babies? A-OK, Daddy-O.  His wife must be a saint.  Or insane, I know not. 

With Lily's school being so small, I imagine we'll connect often.  And I bet she'll look amazing.  And I will be nice because from what I remember she's an awfully nice person and my god, she's going to need a hand now and again.  Besides, odds are she'll have a kid in Anya's class as well.  I mean, it seems impossible she wouldn't.  For now, I shall just be in awe of those people who can handle more babies than I and offer help if it seems needed. 

How many kids would make you lose your delicate brain bits?