Just saying

For those of you who don't know, in our family we currently do not vaccinate.  We have plans to give them a couple down the road when we feel the time and situation is right, but for now our kids are vaccine free. 

According to majority of the population, this is an abomination to all mankind.  I'm not going to harp on this but I do want to point out two very interesting things that appeared in the news recently regarding vaccinations.

First, this quote from MSNBC article titled, "Vaccine-wary parents spark public health worry."
The CDC reported Thursday that the number of measles cases in the U.S. is at its highest level since 1997, almost half of which involve children whose parents refused to have them vaccinated.

OK.  Now I want you to recognize what they are actually saying here.  "...almost half of which involve children whose parents refused to have them vaccinated."  Do you realize what that actually means?  It means that MORE of the children contracting measles HAD the vaccine.  But there's no way the mainstream media would present the numbers as they are, at least not in this current politically charged climate when it comes to vaccine safety.

The other item is a 1993 paper published on SIDS rates in Japan that recently came across my email box.  The article notes that SIDS "nearly disappeared in Japan in 1975 when first inoculations were postponed until the 24th month of life."

I know this is a deeply charged subject for most people.  But it's important to note that I am all about informed choice; I'm not invested in the choices you make for your family.  But when these two articles popped into my email box this week, I had to wonder why I'm the freak here.  Why am I called a "parasite" for doing my research and making an informed choice just because it differs from the majority of the population?  Would people call me that had my child been vaccine injured after I blindly followed the CDC recommendations?  Would that be the message had one of my children suffered a SIDS death? 

We all so desperately need to feel as though we made the "right" decision for our family.  I get that.  I feel that too.  But I don't understand why we have to attack those people who come to different conclusions.  You do what's best for you and I'll do what's best for me.  If you believe that vaccines work, then you shouldn't care that your child is sitting next to my unvaccinated child at school.  By your own beliefs, your child should be safe from my little parasite. 

Meanwhile I'll be here, collecting more information that points me towards the most appropriate choices for my family and enjoying their annual check up with their deeply intelligent and informed medical (not witch) doctor who supports our choice 100%.  I really hope you all do the same.