Sometimes even an agnostic can hear God speaking

Last year when we were in Mexico visiting Milton and Susu I had an opportunity to ask Susu if they had plans to adopt another baby.  "Yeah," she said, "but every time we start moving in that direction, something gets in the way.  I think it has to be like when we found Michelle; God has to be speaking to us." 

Even an agnostic like me can accept that God was speaking to them when they adopted Michelle.  They had been attending a church in Florida whenever the boat was docked there and gotten to know the paster and some of the congregating fairly well.  When they knew that adopting a baby was what they wanted more than anything, they stopped by to see the paster after service, putting it out there that they were ready to adopt.  His eyes grew wide and he took their hands; just that day a woman had come to him asking for a family to raise the baby growing steadily in her belly. That day, our friends were on the road to becoming parents.

When Mark came home the other day and told me that someone very close to us was pregnant, someone who we love deeply and yet know should not raise a child, we were rocked into the world of what comes next.  Was God speaking to us about welcoming another child into our home?  We're happy with our two and have taken permanent steps to keep it to just two, and yet we knew that with certain things, you step up. Period.  We promised each other to find the best possible solution for this child, even if that meant adjusting our future.

Later that day while getting the mail, Mark pulled out some catalogs for Milton and the light went off in my head. "THAT'S IT!" I yelled through the car window, "God is speaking!"
"What?" He looked at me as though I had gone mad.
"Milton and Susu!" I watched as the light flicked on in his head as well.  He made some phone calls to see if Milton and Susu would be considered for adoption by the family and when they responded with enthusiasm, he called Milton.

And just like that, God spoke.  Our friends will likely become parents again, sometime around February.  And we will still get to see this baby, be part of his or her life and know that this is the best possible outcome anyone involved could ever ask for.  Just to top it all off, my midwife told me about another wonderful family that would be interested if for some reason Milton and Susu didn't work out.  And the biological mom is thrilled to know that this surprise baby is wanted, deeply and totally, by multiple families who are or would be amazing parents.

Of course, seven months is a long time and things may change.  But just knowing that there are options out there, that this child would never go without loving parents, it means everything to me. 

And hearing God speak? That was a lovely surprise, too.  Especially for someone who hasn't heard word one from God for a very long time.