Princess Camp, 2008

So despite my minor in Women's Studies and the fact that I'm a card carrying tomboy, we signed Lily up for Princess Camp this year. Seriously, it exists.  When I pointed out the class to Mark in the rec center schedule, it was in jest.  Didn't he think this was ridiculous?  He looked at me, pointed to our eldest as she pranced around it a bit of fabric for a veil and a big poofy dress and said, "Look at your daughter.  Sign her up."  Coupled with the fact that she's starting Kindergarten in a few weeks and has never been to preschool, therefore had no concept that I could drop her off with a teacher and would actually come back later, and it was only natural that we would find ourselves with a princess in training.

Too hot in the dress

The first day she cried as I left her with the teacher, who luckily turned out to be her dance teacher, Ms. K.  The tears, I later was informed, were short lived.  The next day she cried sometime towards the end of class, wanting me to come back.  The third day I got there early for pick-up, said hello and then sat in another room with Anya waiting for her class to be over.  She thought I had left without her and so cried some more.  The fourth day there was not a tear in the room.  The fifth and final?  There were a few tears, but they had to do with her dress being too hot.  So she took it off and performed for the mommies and daddies with a huge grin plastered across her face.  It was awesome.  Seriously, look*:

I feel like Kindergarten will be a wee bit easier, now that we've had this little trail run.  And look at the pride on my girls face?  I may have to give up my tomboy card, but for her, it's totally worth it.

Getting her Princess Diploma

* Sorry about the camera quality.  I suck.  And when she saw these videos she giggled and said, "I kept having to pick my nose and scratch my ear!" like it was the best thing EVER!  That's my girl.