Through the Viewfinder

My birthday present

Since I realized the only way to get us out the door on time each day is for me to stay clear of the computer in the morning, my blogworld has taken a serious hit.  I haven't the time to write like I used to, can't keep up with all the blogs I do enjoy reading and have made more use out of "microblogging" through twitter and facebook

I am, however, still capturing lots of photos.  For my birthday I found myself a Kodak Duaflex camera on eBay for $15, including shipping.  After taking it completely apart, cleaning the lenses and mirror and then reassembling it (many thanks to Russ Morris for the tutorial), I hastily constructed a cardboard smokestack using this pattern (again, thanks to Mr. Morris and Photojojo who lead me there) while fending off sleepy children and barking at the pattern since I accidentally printed it at the wrong size and had to recreate the whole thing using a flimsy ruler and scissors.

But the really fun part was bringing it to playgroup the next day; a playgroup, I should mention, populated by professional photographers and camera geeks.  Some had never heard of Through the Viewfinder (or TtV) photography and even had old cameras like mine laying around at home.  While the Duaflex and her smokestack made the rounds, everyone whipped out their own cameras and we all ran through the park snapping TtV photos while giggling madly.  It was about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on. 

Check out the set by clicking on the photo of Anya below.

windy Anya